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Fantasy Football Focus: Week 7: Bye Week Replacements

****Opening rant with New York Nick****

Let’s say you’re the rb for the Cleveland Browns, and last year you put up a solid rookie performance of 950 yards on the ground and 11 touchdowns. Some thought, wow, this kid is going to be a beast next year. And can you imagine what his stats would be if he was on a contending team with a real offensive line and a real quarterback?   *Pause*   Trent Richardson gets traded to the Colts and all of the fantasy owners rejoiced as though Bruce Willis actually blew up the deadly asteroid in the movie Armageddon. We get reports from the Colts organization that after just 3 days he is ready to run. In just 3 days he picked up most of the offense, and in just 3 days he will start putting up Adrian Peterson type numbers. I guess we all woke up sore after falling off the couch from that dream. Alabama, you have teased us before with your rb sensations, but this time you have gone too far.  ~ New York Nick

Whatup football family?!?! Welcome to week 7 of the fantasy football season. New Orleans and Oakland are off this week, leaving several starting roles to be filled. And injuries continue to reek havoc on our depth charts, so if you are in need of a replacement or are definitely in the right place. The boys are back with the fantasy news you can use for week 7.

So LETS....GET....STARTED!!!!!

Nick Foles: QB, Philadelphia

Foles filled in for an injured Michael Vick last week (no one saw that coming), and made Tampa Bay look like they were still wearing those Sherbet Orange uniforms from back in the day. Foles put up 296 yards, 3 tds, and no int's, and is slated to start again this week against Dallas, the way...are giving up over 300 yards a game through the air. Good for 30th in the league. Well...not so good.

Jarrett Boykin: WR, GB

Last week the Packers lost two of their top three receivers to injury. Randall Cobb broke his leg and will be out indefinitely. Boykin was thrown into the fire last week vs Baltimore, and struggled for the most a 43 yard reception. This week Boykin will get the start, and will have a full week of practice under his belt. The Packers draw a surprisingly stingy Browns secondary, but don't be scared off. The Packers are a pass first team, and Boykin should get enough targets to earn a spot in your lineup this week.

****Going deep with DP****

Keenan Allen: WR, San Diego

Allen torched the Colts this past Monday night for 9/107/1. And he's no one week wonder. Over the past three weeks, Allen has hauled in 20 receptions for over 300 yards and 2 tds. Keenan "Ivory" Allen has an excellent match up this week vs Jacksonville, who is giving up 384 total yards a game.

Joseph Randle, RB, Dallas

And then there was one. Dallas is losing rb's at an alarming pace. DeMarco Murray is out this week (I know..I was just as shocked as you)...and back up rb Lance Dunbar is likely out as well. That leaves Randle with a waiver wire replacement's dream...a full workload. Philly, this week's opponent, is dead last in total defense. Dallas' high powered offense should be able to move the ball at home against the Eagles, and Randle should benefit from the increase in touches.

****Homer Alert****

If you're down Drew Brees, and you plan on starting Josh Freeman in his place, then friend...are on homer alert. This week's alert is not necessarily about talent, Freeman has shown that he can be productive. The giant red flag in the room is the "unknown". Freeman is making his first start for Minnesota after being released by Tampa Bay. Prior to his release, Freeman was benched for his poor play. If there is a team that a qb would like a fresh start against, it would be the win less Giants...which makes this pick tempting. But hold your want to see if a change of scenery is all that was needed for Freeman. And until you physically see him start....don't believe the hype. This ain't the injury report, Minnesota can change their tune prior to kickoff....leaving you with a big goose egg at the most important position on your team.

Life is a always play to win! Good luck!!

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