Tuesday, October 1, 2013

NFL Quarterly Report

We're at the quarter mark of the NFL season. Wow...time sure flies by huh? After four weeks, some interesting developments have taken place....

The Tale of Two Mannings:

Peyton Manning is undefeated, while little brother Eli is...well...defeated. Both Mannings are on pace to have historic seasons...and that's good and bad. Peyton is the unquestioned mvp if the votes were cast today. His Broncos are 4-0, and Denver is starting to take on that undefeated look. Eli's Giants are win less after four games. You can stick a fork in New York...they're done....and in serious danger of giving up on the season. If this trend continues...then you can bet it would make for an awkward holiday season. You know how kids can be..."Why uncle Eli can't win no games grandpa Archie? My daddy win all the time."

Week 4 Jim Mora Awards

"Playoffs?!?...don't talk to me about...playoffs...you kidding me?"

The now infamous words coined by then Indianapolis Colts head coach Jim Mora. He was addressing a question from the media about his team's playoff chances after they just blew a game.

The YouTube clip should be playing on repeat at several NFC facilities this week. Every year it seems like a team that makes the playoffs the previous season falters the next. But so far in the NFC, this is starting to get ridiculous.

After four games, the six NFC playoff teams from a year ago (Atlanta, San Francisco, Seattle, Green Bay, Minnesota, Washington) have a combined record of 10-13. Only Seattle (4-0) has a winning record. If you are a fan of an NFC team that's not on this list...and your team is even somewhat balling...then be encouraged.

Early AFC Showdown

There is a showdown scheduled to take place in the AFC this Sunday afternoon. The game has some major early season playoff implications.

New England vs Cincinnati? Good guess...but no. Baltimore vs Miami? nope! It's the Kansas City Chiefs vs the Tennessee Titans. The Chiefs and Titans combined for eight total wins a year ago. Coming into Sunday's match up, the teams boast a combined 7-1 record (and should be 8-0, but the Titans gave one away late). Both teams are winning with the same formula, taking care of the ball and forcing turnovers. The Titans have not committed a turnover this season...a franchise record. The Chiefs have been efficient as well.

The game has major playoff implications for two reasons...the conference and the divisions. For starters...Tennessee and Kansas City, even with their surprising starts, face uphill battles in winning their divisions. The Titans have the Colts and Texans to contend with. The Chiefs have the Broncos and Chargers to fend off. Both are realistically looking at wild card births, and with head to head match up the primary tie breaker in a playoff scenario, then you get the importance of this surprising week 5 showdown.

The other Payton

Don't look now, but New Orleans head coach Sean Payton has his Saints at 4-0. Considering the circumstances surrounding his suspension and return this season, it's gone relatively under the radar. The Saints offense is once again looking scary good with Payton back controlling the play calling. Seattle and San Francisco have stolen the headlines in the NFC thus far, and it's well deserved. But keep your eye on the Saints. They have a 3 1/2 game lead over Atlanta, and could steal home field advantage if the Falcons continue to falter. The Seahawks and 49ers have more to worry about than themselves now.

A great start to another great NFL season. We'll check back week 8 for our mid season awards.  follow @plcolter

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